3 More Great Sleight of Hand Tricks

Sleight of Hand Tricks

Sleight of hand tricks are typically simple but effective.  They are cheap to perform and very impressive when done well.  The most common type of trick involves coins.  Sleight of hand tricks are great for close up magic and street magic because they are easy to perform and very quick.  Unlike card tricks or big staged tricks, these get a very quick reaction.

With just a little bit of practice on a few different tricks you can quickly become a great performer.  The following tricks are simple to execute and can blow peoples minds.  If you have read my article on The Three Biggest Sleight of Hand Secrets Revealed you will be able to master these tricks in no time.


This is a great trick that will really put your sleight of hand skills to good use.  Simple but effective, this is a great trick for the beginner magician or the more advanced magician.  When paired with the sleight of hand information you have learned on this website you will be the life of the party and have your friends in envy of you!

This is a great sleight of hand trick for the beginner magician but with practice can make you look like a seasoned pro.  This trick comes with the Criss Angel magic kit along with several other great tricks.  This is one of, if not the best magic kit on the market today and won’t put a huge hole in your pocket with a great price of under $100.  With this set up you will soon have many tricks in your arsenal and be able to put on great shows!

Another awesome magic trick from the Criss Angel magic kit.   The kid in this video gives a great explanation on how to do the mindfreak cards trick from the kit.  This is a good trick to learn because it also gives you some sleight of hand practice for cards with the shuffling techniques.

These are just a few of the many magic tricks you can do with some of the magic kits out there.  A couple of my favorites for beginners are the Criss Angel kit and the Melisa & Doug Deluxe Magic Kit.  I like these ones because they come with several solid tricks with great explanations and are simple and easy for beginner magicians.  These are a couple of good tricks that will help you practice sleight of hand, and become a better magician!